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সাধারণ তথ্য

Demand side financing  Maternal Health Voucher Skim:


 To Achieve the goal to reduce the rate of maternal mortality ,to increas the instituotional delivery & safe delivery & management of Antenatal coplication ,public awarenes estiblisment & delivery of  essential health service, ministry  of Health &family wellfare  & DG Health ,with the technical help of WHO, DSF has started maternal health service voucher skim. under this skim poverty & poor pregnent women will get Antenatal,Natal & post natal health care service  from their  selected health  service centre or from the health service provider.


Under this Voucher  skim the following health services are gives:


         * 3times Antenatal checkup

         *Safe Delivery

         *1 time post natal checkup

        *Treatment of  Antenatal,Natal & postnatal complecation

During Natal complication  The following health services will be provided under this voucher skim:

 1  . Forcef delivery or manual removal  of retained placenta, D&C , Vacuam extruction.

2 . Eclampsia management

3 . Ceasarian section operation .



The preagnent women who have received the facility of maternal health  service voucher skim, will get a fixed amount of taka for movement to the health  centre .